Sunday, October 16, 2011

Photomanipulation - Butterflies

Today I had little bit of time so I made this picture for you. The idea behind of it was something like this:
1. something hard and something soft 2. If it looks nice, it can still be dangerous 3. Hidden trap

Monday, October 10, 2011

Photography - Squirrel

Hey, on yesterday I had time with my friend Tuomas and we went photographing to nature. :) The main idea was to take photos of the autumn, but in the place we realized that we were little bit too late. Maybe one weekend before would have been the best time for this, but suprisingly we were playing frisbeegolf at that weekend and now I have just good memories, but not photos of this autumn. So here is not so much of photos of the autumn, but something else... :)

Nikon D80. Nikkor 70-800 VR 4.5-5.6. (settings for this picture: 240mm 1/250 5.6 ISO 500)