Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Legoguys bad day

When I was kid I had a big box of legos and I did play with them at every day. Also I am sure that if i some day have kids they will also play with legos, because I will testament my legos to them. The legos are at this time in my parents attic storage... :P

Okay, so because I liked them so much I wanted today model little scene of legos. Just for the respect of the old times. :)

I know that there is some problems with the material and the legs of the guy, but this was just a little funny test so i did not want to make it so serious. :)
Lego guy is sad because he is alone.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

3d - Freely you have received, freely give.

Free 3d-models.
In my hard disc there is lot of 3d-models that i have not finished and i think that most of them is the ones that probably cant ever finish. So i started minding that "What for i have that kind of stuff in my hard drive that i even cant use at anything?" Blender is a free program so why should not I give some of my blender made models away for others, maybe someone thinks they are usefull.

So I wanna share the models. If here in the large internet is someone who would like to finish them and use them in their own projects.
All of this stuff means hours of work from me.

Please, if you finish any of them, upload the finished model to and give the link of it for me here. Even that is not so necessary, but if you can, then please.
I don't need any other credits about the models, you can do with the models what ever you want to. :)

Here is the list:

Rag doll:

Simple space device:

Space ship:

Small ship:

Pool table:



Flag of Eesti:

Cross in the sand:

Hot air balloon:

Hand grenade:



Frog guy:

Video tape:

Green room (table, chairs, flower)



Light bulb:






Vase 1 (with candys):

Keys and circuit board keychain:



Futuristic airplane:



Army vehicle:

Basket ball:

Roman sword:

Thursday, April 14, 2011

3d - preliminary assignments

Long time no writings. :)

Here is my preliminary assignments for Metropolias 3d-visualization and animation track.

Task 1.
Design two charchers for the animation movie that is for inspiring people to recycling garbage.
The genre of the movie is edifying by the funny way.
The charchers must be builded from what ever kind of recycled garbage material.

Task 2.
Make the storyboard with the charchers to the one scene of the movie that is mentioned in the task 1.
In the scene happens something suprising in waste bit for the charchers.

What I can tell about making of this stuff is that it almost made me cry lot of times and I am not so proud of the results. I could do better. But this is what I got now and I hope that they understand my ideas.