Monday, November 14, 2011

3D - Rigging

Rigging... Huh, that is something I have been scarend since I started for learning this 3D stuff. You know, if you make a model with 3D-program, you can not almost in any situations use it except as a static object if you don't rig it. But what is rigging?

Imaginate, that you have done the most beautiful and nice 3d model ever and textured it and made nice renders of it and everything. Yeah, your model is not ready yet. You just can not use it in animation without the setup that makes it more easy to animate. Of course you can try to animate all the vertices by single, but the result looks like a type of shit and you will waste rest of your life with it.

So by doing the control system for the model we will avoid that kind of frustration. In nut shell: rig is the system for animating the 3D-model.

In my caption I told that I have been scared for the rigging works and I can tell that I still do not love it even thought I have started for learning it. Modeling the 3D-models is pretty easy, you can learn to make simple 3d-models in really short time. But rigging is much harder because as a 3D model you can just watch a picture and copy the details to your 3d-model. In the rig you can not do that. There is too much of invisible functions in that system that you just neet to know exactly what to do if you want to make a complite working rig to your character.

I started this journey with doing mechanical rigging tutorial. Here it is.

So I just made same kind of robot that he also has made and then started following the tutorial.
Here is the picture of my robot and its rig:

Now with the control bones (the sticks) I can control the animation of this object.
Okay, if I am honest with this: That my robot rig does not work as well as I saw the one working in the tutorial. It made me realise that I need to practise this. I dont know why this happened, but I did set the bone to be rotated only for an example in x axis and it won't rotate in any other direction. Then if I add a control bone for few that kind of limited rotation bones, I still can with that control bone to make them rotate in the wrong directions. I have no idea for why this happens, but I need to find it out.

Update: I did ask on the forum about this rigging problem and few really nice guys did help me for doing it better.

So I started to model some really bad looking car, just only to make it to be a rigged model.
This is my first car rig. Its not so nice and there is no one controlling bones for controlling the other bones, but it works still very well, because there is no need for any complex animation. With this it is possible to open and close the doors and rotate the wheels.

Yet I can not turn the front feels in that car, but i am trying to understand how to make it working correctly. Because of that kind of problems, i have been scared for starting to learn the rigging. But now I have started it, here I come!

Monday, November 7, 2011

3D - Orvo the lonely alien

World is filled with some bad B-movies that has the scene where you see really bright spotlights front of the cameras. Then from the light fog there is an aliens that are walking to you slowly... I think that it is funny so I wanted to play with the idea a little...

Orvo The Lonely Alien
Orvo is a lonely guy. He has no friends.
Then, one day Orvo meets a girl-alien that makes him to fall in love...

The girl says "no" to his proposal and Orvo starts to drink because of this sorrow... :(
Then. After few years he thinks that he can not anymore continue this. Orvo wants to end it all.


Sunday, October 16, 2011

Photomanipulation - Butterflies

Today I had little bit of time so I made this picture for you. The idea behind of it was something like this:
1. something hard and something soft 2. If it looks nice, it can still be dangerous 3. Hidden trap

Monday, October 10, 2011

Photography - Squirrel

Hey, on yesterday I had time with my friend Tuomas and we went photographing to nature. :) The main idea was to take photos of the autumn, but in the place we realized that we were little bit too late. Maybe one weekend before would have been the best time for this, but suprisingly we were playing frisbeegolf at that weekend and now I have just good memories, but not photos of this autumn. So here is not so much of photos of the autumn, but something else... :)

Nikon D80. Nikkor 70-800 VR 4.5-5.6. (settings for this picture: 240mm 1/250 5.6 ISO 500)

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

3D - biplane

This is actually uncompleted modeling scene, but I wanted to show it still because I like it and I also like the project itself.So I had an idea to model an airplane scene. In this model there is some modern parts mixed with the old ideas, so this can be called somehow "steampunk"..

Clay model
Wireframe version
Some colors and materials added

Texturing is my weakest part in 3D-modeling, i need a lot of practise in it. This model does not have any textures yet, but I am doing them to it.

I will write another post when this scene is completed. Now here is just these two models.The small "plane" and the bigger one.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

3d - Glassware

Sometimes it is really relaxing to model this kind of simple models. Just make some product and then render it, no brains needed. :D

In my mind old people often has this kind , or almost similar glassy goblets.
Here in Finland they fill them with fox or liquer candies.
Another same kind of Goblet.
I had funny time with the nodes. :D
I tried to render something as realistic as I can with blender internal.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

photography - what about some cows?

Here in the Finland they have their societies everywhere. Nobody knows what is in their minds, but surely they are planning something. It looks like that they are not doing anything, but if you look closer you fastly understand that they are really doing something that makes your mind become more and more nervous, they are watching you!
The most clever readers of course understood that I was speaking about the cows, those secret rulers of the worlds.  

From this picture you can see their secret hierarchy system. Bigger cow is stalking me and the smaller boss, is downloading data from his spine nerve.
An amazing techniques to hide highland cattles in the groups of emo people without being recognized. (photomanipulation)
Something went wrong and the boss is angry now.
The roads of Finland are not unknow for them.
When I said that here in Finland they are everywhere it was not a joke.

And lastly, here is the animation made with Blender and post prosessed with Adobes Premiere

Monday, September 5, 2011

3D - Cloudy day

Blender has really good tools for creating volumetric clouds, the next picture I will show to you
is done with blenders cloud script and post processed and composed with photoshop.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

3d - the gun

Hey, I was on some course where I have a lots of free time, so I took Blender in the memory stick to the computer that I used there. Now i can use my timee to something creative. (the computer owned by the company that runs the course and I can't install anything on it)

So I figured out that Blender actually works very well even from the memory stick and I had no anymore boring there...

The model is based on the colt 1894 bisley model, but this is actually my own version about it and it is not so similar. I am not a big fan of the guns, but i think that this kind of old revolvers are little bit more nice than the modern ones.

The first picture. Material is without gloss setting so the reflection is really bright.

The second pic. The Gloss is on.

I figured out that this needs some leather shuck as a detail. The model of it is really fast and took only few minutes to model. Also some details added to the gun.
New material to the shuck.
At this point i was sure that the scene is really sure, but in the forum i had new ideas and wanted to edit it a little more. Here is the link to the thread if you want to read their ideas:
Some details
The complete model and the post prosessing. Btw the post prosessing is made with photoshop.
Someone also was really intrested about the metallic material. It is really simple, but if you want to look at it closer, here it is:

Saturday, July 9, 2011

3D - Long time no modeling

Few posts ago I told that I tried to get on the school for learning 3d modeling and animation. Ai reached the school, almost...

In the list I am the 22th who did not get in the school and they have 22 places, so if everyone of those 22 quits, then I can have my place...

I have had little lack of inspiration for while in everythin creative.. I'll try to start everything again and not to despond too much because of this. :)

Here is the photomanipulation i made for one magazine project i am in.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

3d - Little after effects animation

Very short title animation.
Made with photoshop and animated with after effects.

It was for a movieproject. I didd this animation before the movie, so we cannot actually use it in the movie itself, becase when the movie was completed, it was bit different style with this but I still like this animation.

This is not the complete render of this animation, so you can see little "strobo-effect" there.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Ihanaa Leijonat ihanaa!

Finland is the new world champion of the ice hockey. In the final match our "enemy" was Sweden so here is a tribute for the "battle" that we win! I did made it quickly from the drawing that was in the Swedish magazine.

Here is also a small video of Finnish people how they gets insane on the streets and everywhere while watching the final ice hockey / after the match.

Sorry about the low video quality. I had only my own cellphone with me.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

3d - Finnish national mother's day

I wanted to make some picture for my mother that i can send to her via facebook. She is studying hardly so i did model a book (not school book) And the rose and also cup of coffee.

There is a lot of small errors in this picture because it is done so fastly, but i think that it is ok and i hope that my mother likes it.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Legoguys bad day

When I was kid I had a big box of legos and I did play with them at every day. Also I am sure that if i some day have kids they will also play with legos, because I will testament my legos to them. The legos are at this time in my parents attic storage... :P

Okay, so because I liked them so much I wanted today model little scene of legos. Just for the respect of the old times. :)

I know that there is some problems with the material and the legs of the guy, but this was just a little funny test so i did not want to make it so serious. :)
Lego guy is sad because he is alone.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

3d - Freely you have received, freely give.

Free 3d-models.
In my hard disc there is lot of 3d-models that i have not finished and i think that most of them is the ones that probably cant ever finish. So i started minding that "What for i have that kind of stuff in my hard drive that i even cant use at anything?" Blender is a free program so why should not I give some of my blender made models away for others, maybe someone thinks they are usefull.

So I wanna share the models. If here in the large internet is someone who would like to finish them and use them in their own projects.
All of this stuff means hours of work from me.

Please, if you finish any of them, upload the finished model to and give the link of it for me here. Even that is not so necessary, but if you can, then please.
I don't need any other credits about the models, you can do with the models what ever you want to. :)

Here is the list:

Rag doll:

Simple space device:

Space ship:

Small ship:

Pool table:



Flag of Eesti:

Cross in the sand:

Hot air balloon:

Hand grenade:



Frog guy:

Video tape:

Green room (table, chairs, flower)



Light bulb:






Vase 1 (with candys):

Keys and circuit board keychain:



Futuristic airplane:



Army vehicle:

Basket ball:

Roman sword: