How to create 3D Ubuntu logo with Blender
Small tutorial for beginners about the basics of Blender.

How to make photomanipulations
This is not for beginners tutorial, but with the basic skills you can learn lot of things from it.

How to get an inspiration?
This article shows some of the best ways to get an inspirations.


Modeling an airplane

Rigging I started for learning this...

Orvo, the lonely alien
Youre alone in the fields at midnight when you see some really bright lights.
Then, from the light fog, you see a figure of a long skinny human kind creature walking slowly to you...

Simple glass modelings.

Animation (muu studio)
This animation is made from the photos.

Another 3d photo animation
This animation is just like the previous one, made with blender from the photos

Staying still is not an option
3D road poster

Modeling a hamburger.
Pictureshow about modeling the hamburger

Preliminary assigments
Here is my preliminary assignments for Metropolias 3d-visualization and animation track. The robots. 

Free 3D-models
I'll give away few of my old models as free.

Legoguys bad day
Almost realistic modeling about the lego pricks.

Ihanaa Leijonat ihanaa
Finland wins world ice hockey championchip. I did modeled a lion eating the Crownes of Sweden. Includes also the video from Järvenpää's screen.

Finnish national mother's day
Fast modeling render work for my mother.

Cloudy day
Volume rendering. (one picture) 

Colt revolver gun
Few pictures show about modeling a gun.

Technologies that will change the future of 3d-modeling
Little review of the future of 3D.

Sintel - the movie
Short article about the Blender Foundations new movie "Sintel".

Cameramapping animation
An animation about the mushrooms

Another small animation scene
Cow animation

Game design
This short article just shows my own 3D-renders for the game project of my friend.

Death soldier animation I
My own for ever project. Part I

Death soldier animation II
My own for ever project. Part II

Death soldier animation III
My own for ever project. Part III


One photo post and little story behind of it

What about some cows?
Cows cows cows.

Mushroom Day
Photoshow from the deepest forest

Photos about H2O


Some fast photomanipulation

Long time no modeling
I had little pause with blender, but that time I did other works. This photomanipulation is an example of that.


Little After effects animation
An animation made with After effects

Photoshop drawing
Here is the space scene made with photoshop.

Leffaa commercial

I was a part of the team that made this little movie / commercial. I think its very cool.

Computer problems
Sad and heart breaking story about my computer

The complete list of all free graphics programs
Huge list, updated every time when something is found.

The first article ever on this blog!