Sunday, September 4, 2011

3d - the gun

Hey, I was on some course where I have a lots of free time, so I took Blender in the memory stick to the computer that I used there. Now i can use my timee to something creative. (the computer owned by the company that runs the course and I can't install anything on it)

So I figured out that Blender actually works very well even from the memory stick and I had no anymore boring there...

The model is based on the colt 1894 bisley model, but this is actually my own version about it and it is not so similar. I am not a big fan of the guns, but i think that this kind of old revolvers are little bit more nice than the modern ones.

The first picture. Material is without gloss setting so the reflection is really bright.

The second pic. The Gloss is on.

I figured out that this needs some leather shuck as a detail. The model of it is really fast and took only few minutes to model. Also some details added to the gun.
New material to the shuck.
At this point i was sure that the scene is really sure, but in the forum i had new ideas and wanted to edit it a little more. Here is the link to the thread if you want to read their ideas:
Some details
The complete model and the post prosessing. Btw the post prosessing is made with photoshop.
Someone also was really intrested about the metallic material. It is really simple, but if you want to look at it closer, here it is:

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