Thursday, February 10, 2011

3d - Another small animation test

Hey again. This is the second small camera mapping test I have done. But still I need to learn about this a bit more because I dont have any idea of some features that I know it's made with camera mapping, but I can't do it (yet).

I also had the problems with defocus node. It won't work with this kind of scene and I have no idea why. So I used traditional blur and few separated render layers.

Here is few pictures. The mushroom scene and the cow scene.

The two big cubes are particle emitters.

This scene actually needs more work. I will do it if i somehow think that this scene would
be necessary in somewere


  1. How do you composite like that?

    P.S. Where have I heard this music before?

  2. Hmm, i would like to make a tutorial for this kind of animation if you're intrested and somebody else may be.

    This music is from Maybe someone else have used it in their own projects.


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