Wednesday, March 2, 2011

3d - Modeling a hamburger

Yesterday i saw that someone was made cool model of a hamburger with 3d-software. So Iwanted to do my own version of it.

Here is few pictures of the project.

  Not so realistic, but it works somehow. :)


  1. Hehee, ensimmäisen version sämpylänkannesta tulee mieleen känsätuhkelo. :>
    Pihvi on aika sitkaan näkönen ja nakki jännä valinta, mut kurkut ja salaatti on ihan aidon näköset!

  2. Se on sitä hesemömmöö jota ne tunkee aina jokasen hampparin väliin. :D

  3. I once tried to make a cheeseburger in Blender, but it failed.

  4. To make better results you must use multible layers of textures and normal map textures. (if you wanna use blender procedural textures.)

    I cant say that my result is that nice, but i think that it is enough good for this kind of testing.


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