Thursday, April 14, 2011

3d - preliminary assignments

Long time no writings. :)

Here is my preliminary assignments for Metropolias 3d-visualization and animation track.

Task 1.
Design two charchers for the animation movie that is for inspiring people to recycling garbage.
The genre of the movie is edifying by the funny way.
The charchers must be builded from what ever kind of recycled garbage material.

Task 2.
Make the storyboard with the charchers to the one scene of the movie that is mentioned in the task 1.
In the scene happens something suprising in waste bit for the charchers.

What I can tell about making of this stuff is that it almost made me cry lot of times and I am not so proud of the results. I could do better. But this is what I got now and I hope that they understand my ideas.


  1. Hauskan näköiset hahmot. Tehtävänaanosta tuli mieleen Disneyn Wall-E. Toivottavasti pääset kouluun ja sitä kautta vaikka toteuttamaan ihan konkreettisesti tällaisia elokuvia! :)

  2. Samoin mäkin toivon. Kiitos kannustuksesta! :)


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