Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Something new

Hi! It's been years since I last time posted anything on my blog. It's weird to be here again writing the messages. I'm now back (tho I don't know how active I will be in the future) but I wanted to tell everyone that I'm still alive and well. Time just has gone and I little lost interest to write here. 

Later I started a YouTube channel that is still Blender related, just like this blog is also. With the same google account and I discovered that google adds automatically a link to this blog from the YouTube account header. What I can do than just come here and write something? haha. :D 

I hope that the time has been good for you. Who ever you are and if you still remember me or my blog. I also hope that my English has become little better, but not sure of even that tho. :)

So if you wanna follow my journey with the 3d. here is some video from the channel. 

I have started to do these low poly scenes almost daily and I discovered that I really love doing low poly art. :)

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