Monday, December 13, 2010

3d - Short animation scene "Death soldier" part III

Hey folks!

It has been lot time of my previous post, but now I have some news, so I can write.. :)

The "death soldier" scene stopped to the ivies ause I were too lazy to model them all by myself.
But I knew that there is also the program called "an ivy generator".

Simply the program just "grows" some ivies on the model you choose and you can edit from the settings how they do it. Very fast and very easy. My problem of that was the materials. Because an ivy generator is not a blender plugin, it is intependent program. So you must set the materials by yourself in blender. Blender material settings can be very confusing for me kind of beginner...

Probably I would not ever figure how to do that material thing correctly by myself without this nice tutorial.
So here we go!

The first one ever:

The problem of that was in scaling. I did mess it somehow and now some times the ivies grow trough the marble, but i dont care because this scene was just test.

Second problem was that the leaves actually "fly" without sense around and are not connected with the wooden parts of the ivies. I dont know better solution for that than just make smaller leaves and  ingrease the count of them so it looks better.

Here is the test with the Death soldier:


After that I realised that I can't do it with only one ivy. The ivy generator every time does the biggest mess in the place that you have been set as the beginning point. No matter what settings you are using. So if i wanna make the effect i want to, i need to set few ivies to the different places around the model.

The last test:


But still there is maybe too much stuff around my model. Actually in some views you cant even see the model trough the ivies...
So I still must play with the ivies lot of time.
I will show the results some day here when i have time to write again.


  1. Geez! And I thought you said you were a beginner at Blender! Are you getting Andrew Price to teach you?

  2. Yeah, I think that I am. I know just about 20% of the program. The modeling, materials and bit about texturing.

  3. Of course, I know about 5% of Blender. I've tried to tak some tutorials, but I always fail.

  4. It needs so much of patience. Its also my problem. I have had very slow start with the 3d modeling. I did first time touched the 3d-modeling program "3ds max" about at the year 2001.
    First model was the football and some flowers... But my computer were too slow and I was too young to understand it cause I had not any idea even how to speak english. (my primary language is finnish.)

  5. What the-? Why is this old post here with all the old comments?

  6. I did hide the new post with the new comments. :)

    But if you wanna continue the dialog, my answer was this:

    What did you mean with the capital C?

  7. I meant like the Cross of Jesus-the one He died on.

  8. If i draw a cross, then i nearly every time trying to symbolise that cross some how.
    Like in this picture:

  9. I am protestant. :)
    So you are Catholic?

  10. Gee, I hope that doesn't mean you'll never talk to me again.

  11. No, it does not mean that. :D


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