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3d - Technologies that will change the future of 3d-modeling

The fact is that we have gone far from the times of Utah teapot.


If you are player of computer games, then
you may have figured out that the games of today are actually
graphically in the same level with the 3d-movies were few years

It is intresting because the rendering of the games are
not done with the CPU (Central Processing
. They are rendered with GPU (graphicalprocessing unit) and something like
60-100 frames / second. The rendering process of the movies can
easily take about 60 minutes / frame of your life with CPU-rendering.
So the graphic cards of computers have become in these days so
powerfull, that it may be better that we start inventing rendering
softwares not anymore using CPU  for the rendering process, but GPU .

Actually I am sure that if the rendering
developement goes like this in the future also, then we will forget
the word "rendering" in the 3d-modeling process. With the future
programs we can model everything as we model today, but then we are
working with the full working materials and settings while modeling. So the
process will be more and more similar with the real world.

Interestung links:
Octane render


Digital Lighting and Rendering (2nd Edition) 
Commercial link

Image-Based 3D Photography 

Scanning 2D-photos to the 3D is actually
really old invention. (if anything in the computer world can be
called old) We have seen many of different projects about
3d-scanning, but all of these have been focused for the professional
movie making etc. so all the amateurs just have to wait until
someone can make so cheap system that everyone can
buy and use it.

Here is for you
some really intresting video from Wojciech Matusik, who is

research scientist at Disney
Research Zurich.


Also Microsoft have done some intresting
research work about 3D-photography.

Their project name is
Photosynth. Idea about this wonderful technology is that the admin of this utility does not take the photos. He just only provides their processing capasities for the people who has the photos.
Okay, good examble would be
Colosseum in Rome. So, we have 1000 people who have been in the
Colosseum and they all have uploaded their photos to Facebook or
other same kind of place. Then they just have to upload their photos
to photosynth and it generates 3d model of the
whole place.

Interesting links:

Video based 3d-objects

Video/movie is actually same than just
taking 24 photos in second (PAL) or 30 photos in secod (NTSC). So
with using video we can do more detailed 3d models in the shorter
time period than just messing around with ordinary camera and taking photos.


Some day you will model
full working 3d-porche and then you realised that you did 6 months
of full time work with your model, but you still can't touch it or
start driving. It is just only the picture on your computer screen

"3D printing is a form of additive manufacturing technology
where a three dimensional object is created by
laying down successive layers of material.
3D printers are generally faster, more affordable and easier to use
than other additive manufacturing technologies. 3D printers offer
product developers the ability to print parts and assemblies made
of several materials with different mechanical and physical
properties in a single build process. Advanced 3D printing
technologies yield models that closely emulate the look, feel and
functionality of product prototypes." Wikipedia

Okay, it can be bossible that you ever can't print your full
working 3d-porche in the real world, but no worries, you can use it
in the other way in some computer programs.  Probably in the future in every home is one 3d printing device and you can buy models from the internet stores and just print it. Maybe that closer of teleportation we cannot ever reach.

Few printing services:


Today internet is somehow really different world than our real world. I
believe that in the future internet will be also more and more
going to be similar with the real world where we are living,
because for human being it is more natural to go and remember
things in the 3d world, than in the 2d.

Or it is for me, because I have photographic memory.
It means that I can remember easily what kind was the shop inside where I visited year ago, but
hard to remember my bank account number.
First we will see more and more differend and innovative 3d worlds that we can use traight
with the browser. Then you shall see that the worlds will be linket
together, so you can go from the world to the another without
leaving the 3d space.

Then, some innovative big or small company
invests for their internet pages and models paraller version of
their internetpages by the 3d-technology.

Let's think that the company is a bank. (I know, we all have in our mind the idea that 3D =
game, but just fall with me to this thought experiment)

So when you
type the internet address of that bank to the browser and press enter
you'll fastly see that you're actually in the street and straight
front of you is the bank.

It is similar with the real world bank,
you can see all the logos and other things that you have seen in
the same company bank when you visited there last time, but this 3d
bank is still somehow more beautifull and shiny. You can see also other people with you
on the street and they are all going to that bank, you will follow them inside of the building.

Virtual Reality Technology
Commersial link

Everything inside looks nice and
safe. You can see somewhere the flying screen. When you touch it
with your mouse, it will come to you and you can read the text.

"Welcome to the Nytech Bank of internet Mr _your name_. If you need
customer service, choose it by clicking the button one. If you just
want to check your bank account or disburse your bills, press
button two."

You click the "button one" and the machine pulls out
the paper with number 141. It is your queue number.

"You have 12 people before of you in the queue. You can wait you'r turn in
our waiting room. Let me lead youe way to there Mr _your name_"

You will be teleported some new place and you see  lot of peoplewith you there.
You hear speaking and you realise that everyone there is 3D-avatar of the
real people.
You can speak with them with your microphone if you want to. You can also ignore them.

Everyone also can show their real faces. It can be projected
from the web-camera to their avatar faces as a texture. Because of this - you
actually can know with who you are speaking.

You take the seat and start  reading magazines.Text interactive and it is from the RSS-feed from the
magazines web page.

Soon its your turn and you get teleported to the room where you are with your service agent. She will ask you
that how can she help you and you tell that you need a second pank
account. Everything works fast and soon you are ready to go.

Interesting links:


Have you ever wanted to touch your models or
edit them with your hands? Soon it will be possible, because
japanese scientists have invented in the university of  Tokio
some cool technology that provides for you the feeling that you
actually are touching the holographic images.

So, in the future when this kind of technology is more developed I am sure that we
can use 3d modeling tools with our hands. Like sculpting the clay.

Volumetric modeling

When the computing capasities will
increase, the complexity of the 3d modeling will increase at the
same time and speed. First in the professional movie making, like
Hollywood, but then you'll see more and more different optons for
doing it by yourself with your own home computer.

Think about your own body. What is the first idea about it? Something with the shape? Or what?
Your body is an object and it looks like an object,
but acually you are cloud. You are the horde of the small particles. That
horde is just too tight for that nothing can go trought of it
without using damaging force.

So it is fact that you are the cloud of the millions and millions different living cells.
And the cells are the clouds of the smaller units, called atoms.

Now theorically we can model this kind of clouds, and movie industry will rub their hands togeter because if everything is modeled like that, it means that
you can also explode everything in the same way how it happens in
the real world. We just need to wait few years until our computers
can handle this kind of data that much.


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