Wednesday, September 15, 2010

3d - Short animation scene "Death soldier"

I used the picture from google. Here is the
I have worked now about 2 months with my little animation which is going to be so simple, short and looking as good as my 3d skills allows me to do at this time. (or my hardware allows me to do in details + [and I am actually used only about few days with it, but the time is randomly shattered between of two months.])

As you can see, I used the photo I found somewhere in google as a pattern for the helmet because I didn't have any idea about what kind of helmets did the roman soldiers used.

The method was actually same with the shield and armor. Of course it would be better if i had pictures of the helmet from front view, side view and back view, then i would see what kind the helmet is in every view, but with little imagination (for the people who have not it: link) its possible to do the same with only one photo.

Blender has good and helpful tools for the texture painting. With this project I am wasted lot of my time for using and trying to understand them and I have not ever been so much funny with texturing. ;P
Its almost like the same, when you're painting the
eastern eggs, but with blender you can paint the "eastern egg" looking like that its made from  wood,or metal, or stone, or wat evah!

Mesh modeling is funny stuff. If you thing about real world - every object has its own volume and size. 
In 3d world its "mesh".. But in 3d - every object actually have not its size. With this I mean particles. You could go closer and closer into it, but ever you cant touch it or see it better, because it have not its volume. Its like nerd who are trying to find his love from internet.. Okay, sorry I don't know is it like that nerd. :D

This is the last render about this scene i have made yet. I was wondering about the wonders of light...

The scull. (For the people who are watching the picture
and trying to understand that "what the * is this. )

The particles would have other attributes which real objects has. It can have color, and location in 3d space and it would look like that there is in it
also a size but it never has, actually same particle can be in many places at the same time.

Think about a one thousand particles that flies trough the space and at the same time they draw a red "line" back of them. So, this is SPART... ahh..This is what the "hair" is in the helmet of the roman soldier. (in 3d. eh)

3D is funny world because there could be everything. From donald duck i learned that it is impossible to make light that rays negative light. (I didn't read that link.) But then Gyro Gearloose did made that kind of lights and i figured out that actually black holes are this kind of "lights" because light can't escape from there.

The scull is my latest thing I wanna add to the scene. It has not yet texture works or any material, but i will tell about it later in the other blog message, now go to the youtube!


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