Tuesday, September 21, 2010

3d - Short animation scene "Death soldier" part II

Part I

Maybe someone would be intrested about what is happend with the "death soldier" scene. Yeah almost nothing, but I have done other things. I don't have any kind of deathline with the scene so I don't wanna kill myself for doing it 24/7.

If i had deathline or someone pays me for doing this, then the situation would be really different. Maybe the scene would be already done.

Or am I just my trying to write for a guilty of my consience? The small red man on my shoulder screams, "You don't have done your works, you're just only played in Playray and wasted your time with your friends." Then the white man on the other shoulder tells me how to survive: "Just write to your blog that you have had other works to do, but you're doing your best for this, just mercy yourself." The last blog message ended to the scull. Now the scull is already completed. I did add a textures for it and I think that it looks actually a pretty cool. 1.1

Its not of course perfect. If i wanna make something perfect, I am sure that I will do it then until my own head looks perfectly the same that the one in the picture 1.1.

About the texture. Its not human scull texture. Everyone can see it. I just generated it fastly with photoshop. Just something where is little bit color and some pattern. Thats enought for this scull because in my mind i will not show this in the completed animation so much, its just part of the propertiers. (If i dont change my mind.. That would happen also with this animation.)

If there is some intrested people, i would do a tutorial about how to generate with photoshop fastly
almost realistic rocky textures.

Next project with this animation is of course to add this scull to the scene and complete all of the vines.

I will not do it today. So i hope that you'll come back for reading the part III until its here.


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