Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Photography - Some old stuff about water

I am not a nature photographer. I am photographer who are intrested about everything. Nature is one of my favourites, because it is so easy to take good looking photos about nature. :)

Have you heard about thousand times some old phrase "One picture is more than thousand words.. bla bla bla." Yeah. It may be, but I will not to try speak about every photos that much. "Let the picture speak to you!" (The second phrase.)
I will give you only photos that is something to do with water from years ago, so lets roll!

The start with really basic photo from Aulanko Finland. The "golden
reflection" comes from the trees on background. Just like every
photoshop man would do, I did of course add "few million" levels of
saturation and cropped the whole stuff. Somehow I didn't like to see the full
reflection of the bird in this picture. Hope you could understand my irony. :)
The classical rule about photography is "Do not ever show two photos of
a kind in the same gallery..." Actually I dont know is it any classical rule about
anything, but now I am breaking that rule so badly. Or sadly, because
I knew how stupid it is to show many same kind of photos in the same place.
But its the part of this show, so try to understand. :p
Everyone knows at this time, that this is going to be a decorating art show.
It is truth that many of my photos looks like it, but its not what I actually
wanna do. It just happens... Because first two photos were pointless,
I wanna continue with this pointless line till the end of this.
You know, if most of your time you waste for thieving sausages from
innocent people - you may need to chill sometimes also.
This is one of the photos that includes nearly nothing, but still there is
something that makes me thinking that it is worth of sharing.
If youre intrested about photomanipulation - then take tons of
this kind of pictures. They will save your life. Somebody said about this
photo, that it is scary. Can you see it like that?
With long exposure it is possible to make stuff looking like something that
actually never happens in real world. Bot who cares if it looks like cool stuff?
Did I say, that I will show only photos that are something to do with water?
Yeah I said, and now I must explain what that thing is and why is it in the
picture show which is trying to show only pictures of water?
It is a cow. As you can see it is also a walking a path, so the thirsty animal
is of course looking for a water in the dry desert. I just like that photo!


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