Friday, October 1, 2010

3d - Sintel is out!

Sintel - the movie

Young Girl finds a dragon baby from her hometown. After the bigger one dragon took the baby from the girl by the violentic way starts the long and dramatic path in her life to find the dragon baby back...

The process

Sintel is an open movie created by Blender foundations with their international team in their studio that is in Netherlands. The main function of this animation film is to help developing open source program Blender by using it in the real production process. With this kind of productions can Blender foundations find the real challenges of the software developement with Blender and defeat them.

Because Blender itself is an open source program, will the movie also be open as in every section of its production. It means that the movie and all of the materials that are created during this throughput will be relased under the creative commons license shortly after the premiere day. (That was today)

So you will have all of the possibilities to reproduce the movie for uncommercial purposes like you have also with the other open movies created by Blender foundations. Thats why this is  a great opportunity for the film makers who are intrested about working with Blender. (and other nerds who are intrested about everything.) You will get full completed movie and all of it's files that you can use for your tests and demonstrations.
Also if you're software developer - this can be helpful for your research work with blender developement.

The movie employed up to 14 full time workers for more than year.

Budget of the film was about 400 000€ and most of it came from the benefactors.

The complete list of the benefactors can be found from the credits of the movie.

Sintel is the thirth open movie.

Previous two movies were Big Buck Bunny and Elephants dream.

You can download all of the movie files from

Blender foundations have also relased game as in CC license.


  1. Oh, wow! I've been wondering who that girl was on the start-up screen of all Blender 2.5 versions! Now let me see if I can find it on YouTube....

  2. Yeah, she is sintel :)

    Here is the link for the movie:


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