Tuesday, October 5, 2010

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So, you're the guy who don't have ever had any kind of problems with your computer and now you wanna know what it is if someone has. You're in the right place.

In the life there is some kind of weird rule that if you had one problem yesterday, today you have them 2, then 4 and at the day 60 you have more problems than in the universe is an atoms. I am now living at the day 335 with this process.

About one year ago I did bought components for a new computer. With my friend we did build the whole machine to ready. My plan was to do a computer for graphical design, 3d-modeling and for playing sometimes, but the windows 7 were not yet released so we planned that I would install an Ubuntu for the computer. Then I would use it before windows 7 can be bought.

Okay, Ubuntu is a great operating system. It works perfectly, except with my computer and asus ati radeon 4970 card and Mobile stick ZTE 636+.

Ati has some kind of problems because they just don't wanna make enough good drivers for ubuntu users. Their cards does work, but the system can't get all of the possibilities out of your hardware if you're using ati card with Linux. So buy nvidia if you wanna play with Linux system.

Faked cd-rom driver

The next problem was with that mobile stick. It really sucked and it was nearly to make me cry with all of this.

The stick, it was trying to become as a CD-ROM driver, even it actually was USB-stick. That was the base of most idiotic problems in the world of USB-problems.

The First solution was to make the stick work in the normal way with Linux. (just let me go to the internet!) I have no idea what my friend actually did for the stick, but it needed some kind of inbuilt firmware script changing to make it become again as USB-stick for the pc - not CD-ROM driver. Finding out the solution for this took about 2 months. Then and only then I did could use an internet with my computer. But this was just beginning.

Because the stick didn't work. The network was actually still cutting all the time. You know how annoying it would be if your internet cuts off every 2 minute and only way to make it work again is to get the USB-stick off and put it again.
From some forum we did found that the USB-stick needs script that checks out the text messages 1 times at 10 second. If it won't do that, it will cut off the internet. That of course needed scripting...
Why the messages must be checked so often is one of the biggest mysterios of the world. Woman is another one.

But actually it did not work as well as we planned. The real problem that cannot be fixed was actually that ZTE and Saunalahti (my network operator.) didn't wanna develope drivers for Linux and we did not have capacity for doing them by ourself. So their product was actually a shit, but they didn't wanna give me my money back.

I downloaded Windows 7 RC (relase candidate) for the computer.

The random blue screen generator

The internet started working, but the computer started also for producing mystical blue screen messages all the time without any sensible reason...

So I tested the memories and seemed that they were ok, so I did send the mother board back to the shop. The post officer probably though that the mother board were some kind of a bomb, because she did change to calm and just did few steps backward when she saw the component... Until it was clear that the motherboard won't explode she did came back for helping me for sending the box.

The mother board was ok after the tests, so the shop did send it back to me...

But the random blue screen generator still was there.

Finnish post office

So I did send all of the components for them except hard drives and CD-ROM driver and that wonderful USB-CD-stick-ROM.

And then something happened.

You probably don't know what Itella is, but I'll tell you that its Finnish post office.
Nobody in the world knows what Itella means. Few years ago post office here was "posti" but now its "itella", because they thought that it would be more global name. Eh.
Before postmen were "posteljooni's" but not they are "itellajooni's" in Finland. Actually its kind of cool because now they are more international etc. Maybe.

What ever. Post office still did lost my computer. I did call everywhere and no one did know where it would be. It was also my own mistake, because I did lost the paper where was the tracking code, but still. How can that kind of huge box just lost somewhere?

My own guess is that the "itellajooni's" still were thinking that the computer was a bomb and they did sent it for CIA so they can test it with their bomb tools. When it was tested they did send it to the Alaska where the crayfishing boat were towing it to the Finland. But they did not had changes to come in Finland so they did gave it back to the itellajooni's in the black side of the moon.

After towing the box, no one wont read the text from it because paper made box will get wet if you drop it to the sea. So they did send it to the London if some Sherlock would read it. And it was in German France and Portugal... Then it just arrived into the Verkkokauppa.com in Finland. This episode did took more than two months.

Verkkokauppa.com did send all of the stuff back to me, except the motherboard. They did change it to the new.. Maybe it was broken?

So when I did get all of the components back, I did test it and it worked perfectly! Even it were in the Alaska and it was been used in German as a football in the some empty storage.

Good. Now I have been used it about 3 or 4 months without any visible problems, except now, when it crashed and did not boot again. I am nearly sure that the power supply breaked.

So I am writing this story with my 10 years old computer that still works perfectly. Is it good now mr. president?

And when the 10 years is again gone, I could say about that my new computer that "this is my favorite computer! Processor is changed 5, memories 15, motherboard 3, graphic card 9, power supply 4 and the cover about 3 times."

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