Monday, October 11, 2010

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Few years ago I was reading Donald Duck comics and I learned from there, that you will need some kind of "Muse" that helps you for finding an inspiration. And why did I started with Donald Duck? Because it is one of the most readed and respected science magazine in the world. You should also use it for the learning purposes.


From ancient Greek stories we can learn that Muses were goddess women who lived on the Pieria's rivers and help'd an artists for finding their inspirations. Of course this is just a fictional story, but today the word "muse" is the symbol for all kind of artistical inspirations. (Muse is also a band)

Everyone who want's to be creative needs an inspiration before they can start doing their work. Picture without an idea is just too boring. You can create technically nice pictures and they still can be lame, but you can also do pictures that are technically lame, but their ideas are brilliant. Internet is filled with this kind of memes. Somebody just draws the picture without drawing skills, but because the idea - that picture will be viewed millions of times around the net. 

The fact is that people will look longer the one picture that has nice idea - even it is technically lame. So the idea is of course that inspiration what we are looking for. If you can make pictures that are brilliant with their ideas and technically also, then you have done something that will be also remembered and you have possibilities to earn with them. That fact also works with music and writings and speakings and with every creative work.

3-D World magazine
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How to get an ideas then?

  • Scrapbook

    Everyone can get an ideas. So you are also the one who has an ideas, maybe you just forget them.

    Start doing scrapbook. Buy from somewhere the small book that you can draw everywhere with you. So if you find something intresting from the  newspaper, you can take your scissors and cut it off and put it to the book. If some of your friends will say something funny or intresting - take the scissors.. or not. You can write it to the book.. etc. Did you get the idea of scrapbook?
    Then next time when you have some job to do, you will search an ideas from that book.

  • Music

    Most of people have skill to "see" pictures when they are listening music, you can try it just by listening something.

    You are walking in the forest and then you suddenly hear the sound of benguin. You know that its penguin before you really can see it - and you may "see" the penguin inside of your head - and run away before it eats you. Then you may say to your friend that "Guess what did I saw in the forest?? The penguin." Even you did not actually see anything, just heard the sound.

    Do you remember the first time when you heard the sound of piano? For me the first time was when I were kid and my father did play it nearly every day. So when I hear piano somewhere, I can see/remember my father playing it if I want to. But we all have heard millions of times sound of piano, so we can mix the situationst togeter and make our own "scenes" in our head. Thats the reason why you can't put the action or horror music to the romantic part of your movie. Eventhough that music so nice is. (But if you're musician, you probably can't see anything else in your mind than just notes..."

    D.I.Y. Or Die: How to Survive as an Independent Artist
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  • Nature and travelling

    Walking around of the forest may be great source of  the ideas.

    Seriously, do you really think that you will find an ideas while watching an empty photoshop screen?
    This is not going to happen, you must find the ideas from something else than photoshop manual. So the best solution for this problem is just go out and watch around you. You will find lots of different details from your own yard that you can use for your future works. Take photos of all the differend and intresting things. Then come back and finish your work.

  • Other people

    You just don't have time for thinking about everything and at the same time draw pictures about it. So let other people think about everything and then draw pictures about their mindings.

    Just take a little time for your friends. Probably you have created your own manners for your workflow. It means that you do everything by the same way and the result is the similar with the previous one just only little variations. It might be good result but if it is all the time same kind than all of your other works - then it becomes little bit boring. Most of cases you can't breake your manners by yourself, you need someone who laughts for your works and says, that they are all the same... (when it happens dont be angry, it happens to every one.) If youre doing graphical design and your boss wants you to do every day about 10 illustrations - then youre deeb in the swamp of manners. No one can be creative that fast.

  • History

    Did you know that Roman emperor Caligula did named his horse Incitatus as a senator of Rome?  

    Not just only art history, but all the history. You know, everything that people ever has done, is in the history. So this is one of the most greatest sources for your inspiration, just don't despice it.

  • Internet and library

    21th century inspiration source.

    Read books, blogs and forums, watch videos and play games. Stumble upon is some good add on for firefox browser. You can get it form here:
    You can rate internet pages and watch other pages that other people have rated as good.

    Red Dead Redemption game
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  • Ideas are free
    You can copy the ideas from the pictures.

    If you like some idea you found from the work of somebody else, just copy the idea. But don't copy the work. You must make your own version from the original work. The idea can still be very same.

    Or actually you can't even know what was the real idea of the original artists, but you will get your own ideas from the pictures and you may think, that you have copied them. Its little weird psychology, but it works.

    You don't need to invent every time the wheel again because someone have already done it. You can just use it and you don't need to know what for the wheel was invented first time by the original invertor.


  1. Right...but the Muses weren't genie women. They were goddesses.

  2. (Oh. By the way, it's "incorrectly spelled," not "wrong spelled." Just thought you might like to know that.)

  3. Thank you Natron1, that was my mistake, because I did read an article of Muses from finnish wikipedia and then I tried to translate that word in english... :D


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